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Czech Television News

10 Mar

Czech TV News, 5/11/2014


English Defense League, Amy Winehouse and the US debt ceiling

25 Jul

The Independent: Outcry over role of English Defence League Supporters of the English Defence League have blamed the Norwegian government’s immigration policies for the attacks that killed at least 93 people, provoking outcry from anti-fascist campaigners who are calling for the EDL to be classified as an extremist group. The […]

Christine Lagarde, post-revolution progress in Egypt, and fattening diet drinks

29 Jun

Wall Street Journal: Lagarde is first woman at IMF helm The International Monetary Fund named French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde to be its next managing director, making her the first woman and 11th consecutive European to hold the top job. She will have to mend relations with emerging-market nations that […]

From X Factor and Cheryl Cole to South Korean economy and global warming (newspapers overview)

30 May

Financial Times: South Korea: An economy divided
South Korea has one of the world’s highest suicide rates, worsening rapidly as the gulf widens between rich and poor in a faltering and uneven domestic economy. Many of South Korea’s chaebol (conglomerates like Samsung or Hyundai) gained market share in the most recent economic downturn, but their success disguises financial distress among small businesses and indebted households. […]

Jan Zika a Jakub Žižka: Očekávané události a přehled tisku na 12.10.2010

11 Oct

Jan Zika a Jakub Žižka: Očekávané události a přehled tisku na 12.10.2010