Newspapers overview (Pakistan’s role in hiding bin Laden and other)

9 May

International Herald Tribune – Sectarian clash in Cairo – picture – a young boy on Sunday at a church set on fire by Muslims. Violence between faiths has left at least 12 dead over the weekend The Guardian – Nato units left 61 migrants to die of hunger and thirst, survivors say helicopter and warship ignored pleas The Daily Telegraph – Obama queries Pakistan’s role in hiding bin Laden – US President Barack Obama has suggested for the first time that “people inside of government” in Pakistan could have helped to harbour Osama bin Laden. The Independent – Shadow over Sellafield – Future in doubt for plant at nuclear complex in wake of Fukushima disaster, Japanese operation that is key customer set to close amid earthquake fears The Wall Street Journal Europe – Euro nations split on Greek debtextension, urope’s debt crisis has returned full circle to the problem that started it more than a year ago: How to save the malfunctioning Greek state from running out of money. Greece has been slipping further behind its targets for cutting its budget deficit and is expected to need nearly €30 billion ($43 billion) additional financing for 2012, according to euro-zone officials. Program: Studio ČT24, May 9, 2011 Guest: Jan Zika

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