Credit application (LogicaCMG plc)

23 Nov

The purpose of this credit application is to obtain a financing for a hypothetical long-term investment project.

In its analytical part (spreadsheet attachment) the application uses real data from the financial statement and their projections to illustrate the impact of the potential loan on the financial performance and results. The spreadsheet enables changes of parameters of the loan.


Credit application

  • Basic company information
  • Non-financial analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Credit proposal
  • Financial statements projection
  • Implementation of the credit to the financial statements
  • Ratio analysis

Spreadsheet attachment


  • Loan calculator
  • Payment schedule
  • Depreciation

Financial statements survey

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement

Profitability, liquidity and financial structure ratios

  • Past, current and projected

Comparison of LogicaCMG with other companies

  • Price ratios: Overview and methodology
  • Price ratios: Charts
  • Other ratios: Overview and methodology
  • Other ratios: Charts

DuPont Diagram


Credit application - LogicaCMG (full text)
Title: Credit application - LogicaCMG (full text) (1852 clicks)
Caption: Credit application - LogicaCMG (full text)
Filename: credit_application_logicacmg-2.pdf
Size: 332 KB

Credit application - LogicaCMG (spreadsheet attachment)
Title: Credit application - LogicaCMG (spreadsheet attachment) (752 clicks)
Caption: Credit application - LogicaCMG (spreadsheet attachment)
Filename: credit_application_logicacmg.xls
Size: 514 KB

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